LPF® is the ingredient that makes Elimax® a breakthrough in the treatment of head lice

LPF® or LICE PROTECTING FACTOR is a combination of ingredients that is added to Elimax® lotion and shampoo in order to physically ‘condition’ the hair against new lice. LPF® in Elimax® significantly lowers the risk of new lice via a dual approach(2):

  1. LPF® coats the hair and makes the hair less attractive to lice. It does this thanks to a new combination of a polymer and an oil. This means that the hair also has a lower static charge. This is very important because hair is naturally attractive to lice: they cannot jump or fly, but instead only move via static attraction. Hair that has been treated with Elimax® therefore attracts fewer lice (passive avoidance).
  2. LPF® conditions the hair in such a way that the surface structure and odour become unattractive to lice. Elimax® has a scent that is pleasant to humans, which also appeals to children.

a. Lice will give treated areas a wide berth (active avoidance)

b. And if there are still lice in the hair, they will not lay any eggs (inhibition of oviposition) in the treated area. This prevents a new lice infestation.


Elimax® is a new and unique way to effectively eliminate lice and nits, whilst also protecting against new lice (dual effect).